He Sat In An

Old Recliner


Welcome To My Website

My name is Keith and this is my minuscule point on the internet. I've been making silly little webpages since early summer of 2000. My interest in webdesign sparked by playing with templates in FrontPage 97, and my very first webpage published online was hosted by The Express Page. HTML and CSS was mostly self taught, and I still don't know jack about JavaScript! This webspace is typically used as a nostalgic and creative time waster for myself.

The URL, thisoldreliner.neocities.org, is a pun in reference to the WGBH-TV show This Old House. The title of my website, He Sat In An Old Recliner, is true! I have sat in an old recliner, and the recliner in question belonged to my grandma. Maybe it wasn't old per se, but it clacked when it reclined and the backrest felt rather springy. See below for a list of my self-published web pages. Clicking on the recliner above brings you back to the front page. Enjoy!

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Update Log

Saturday, October 12, 2019

My upcoming article isn't finished yet, but I did a little page about The Thing. See if you can find it!

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Return of the log. Fresh, simplistic layout. Updating other pages. New article soon.