He Sat In An Old Recliner

Recliner? I hardly know 'er!

Google Helps Us Read

A useful tip given by security experts and employment agencies is to 'Google' your full name. What about you could possibly be plastered all over the internet? Perhaps many incriminating things! Or maybe you just search for your own name because you're an egotistical weirdo! Bored with what I found of my own name (in the third boat called Curiosity), I'd decided to use Google to search for the title of my website in quotation marks. Nothing besides a handful of results for books and blog posts. Interesting enough!

I narrowed down my results to only books using Google Books index. "He sat in an old recliner" is used once each in three different novels. Can't say I'm interested in romance novels or Christian fiction. Below are the book titles, authors' names, and the paragraphs that include my website title (in case you can't see or read the screenshot above for some reason). Also included are individual links to their Google Books page and Goodreads profile, just for kicks!

The first book is Passion in the First Degree by Carla Cassidy:

He hesitated a moment, then muttered something and the dogs immediately joined him on the porch, lying down at his feet as he sat in an old recliner the sun had bleached to a pale pink.

The second book is Missy's Moment by Jill Sanders:

Two hours later he sat in an old recliner and listened to his stomach growl. Looking down he frowned. "I know buddy. Who would have thought that she was a shopaholic?" He laughed when Missy hit him playfully on the shoulder.

The third book is Crown of Thorns: A Nick Barrett Mystery by Sigmund Brouwer:

The next day, I found Pastor Samuel in the office of the Mount Carmel African Methodist Episcopal Church. He sat in an old recliner. He was asleep, with his glasses on his forehead and an open Bible across his lap. He snored softly.