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My Criterion Collection... Collection

I'm not exactly a movie buff or film snob, and the term 'cinephile' sounds silly to me, but watching and reading about movies is a joy. I'm fascinated by cinematography and set pieces. For a moment I had a bit of an oniomania problem, buying loads of movies online and in-store. Luckily that phase has passed due to realizing my collection has become a backlog and had to put my issue to a halt. Some of those movies were from 50% off sales for the Criterion Collection, a movie distribution company that I only have high praise and appreciation for. The quality and care of their digital transfers and packaging is admirable. I supposed that's why I am cataloging what I own of their selection. Below is a table listing those film titles in ascending order by spine number.

Spine No. Film Title Format
11 The Seventh Seal DVD
30 M Blu-ray
34 Andrei Rublev DVD
38 Branded To Kill DVD
39 Tokyo Drifter DVD
44 The Red Shoes Blu-ray
51 Brazil Blu-ray
52 / 53 Yojimbo / Sanjuro (Box Set) DVD
65 Rushmore Blu-ray
68 Orpheus Blu-ray
90 Kwaidan DVD
115 Rififi DVD
157 The Royal Tenenbaums DVD
164 Solaris DVD
174 Band Of Outsiders DVD
248 Videodrome Blu-ray
260 Eyes Without A Face Blu-ray
300 The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou DVD
324 La Bête Humaine DVD
386 Sansho The Bailiff DVD
397 Ivan's Childhood Blu-ray
521 Mystery Train DVD
591 12 Angry Men DVD
654 Repo Man Blu-ray
667 Seconds Blu-ray
710 Judex DVD
725 Eraserhead DVD
779 Mulholland Dr. Blu-ray
865 Blow-Up Blu-ray
868 Tampopo Blu-ray
888 Stalker Blu-ray
897 Barry Lyndon Blu-ray
918 The Color of Pomegranates Blu-ray
937 Dragon Inn Blu-ray

Total films: 35