He Sat In An Old Recliner


A Little Bit About Me

My name is Keith David. Not to be confused with film, television, voice and theatre actor with the same name. Keith David is a well-rounded professional. I am not. Keith David starred in John Carptenter's two greatest films of all time — The Thing and They Live. I have not had a role in any movie whatsoever. We do, however, share the same middle name! We both use Keith David as a pseudonym. Our last name is actually our middle name. His real last name is Williams. My real last name is [redacted]. Between you and me, we both know that the real Keith David has more important things to do than to create and update his own personal website.

Fun Fact! They Live debuted in theaters 100 days after I was born. Want to know my age? Do that math!

Well, that sure was informative. Now you know everything about me.