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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Links

(Do you have a certain jingle now stuck in your head?) Here is a list of websites that I have bookmarked and frequently visit. Some links are fun, some links are fascinating. Some of these websites will give you a quick chuckle, some can be a complete timesink! I hope you enjoy these websites as much as I do.

Neocities — My free webhost! Secure, open-source, 1 gigabyte of space, and includes a built-in site editor.

Binging With Babish — Listen to that voice of Andrew as he shows you how to make food from your favorite movies.

Cinephilia & Beyond — View magazine and newspaper spreads, read screenplays and interviews of influencial filmmaking.

Don't Die — Interviews with people who have inside and outside experience with the video game industry.

If We Don't, Remember Me — A collection of fascinating 'cinemagraphs' - or - subtle animated movie stills.

Monkey Island InflationThe Secret of Monkey Island taught us to never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game...

Multiplayer Piano — Chatrooms with pianos that everyone can play. Electronic keyboard accessible via USB!

Nedroid Picture Diary — A silly 4-panel webcomic starring Beartato (a short and stout bear) and Reginald (a pterodactyl!)

Nyan Waits — The smoother version of Nyan Cat. How many seconds of "nyaning" Tom Waits can you handle?

The Oracle of Bacon — Keith David has a 'Bacon Number' of 1 as he appeared in Novocaine with Kevin Bacon.

PC Gaming Wiki — Having issues running old PC games on new operating systems? Don't fret! Solutions are here.

Peaceful Cuisine — Literally speechless vegan recipe videos by Ryoya. Wonderfully edited and awesome without music.

Rice BoyRice Boy and Order of Tales are splendid. Evan is currently working on his 3rd online comic Vattu.

The Starry Expanse Project — Devlog for a 3D fan-remake of Riven: The Sequel to Myst. They even have Cyan Worlds' attention!

Tiny Ghosts — Double-panel emotionally captioned photographs by a mysterious person. They're quite something.

UbuWeb — Submerge yourself into the avant-garde. An enormous resource for different kinds of art.