Relearning How To Skateboard Passed 30

My Setup

Deck:Real – Ishod Wair x Dessie Jackson 8.5"
Trucks:Independent – Stage 11 Standard 149
Wheels:Spitfire – Formula Four Classic 54mm 99a
Bearings:Bones – Reds

Skateparks of Massachusetts


Farm Pond – Dudley Road, Framingham

Green Hill – Skyline Drive, Worcester

Holyoke – St. Kolbe Drive, Holyoke

Lynch Family – Education Street, Cambridge

Northhampton – West Street, Northampton

Reservation – Reservation Road, Hyde Park

Skaters Edge – 4th Street, Taunton

Town of Hudson – South Street, Hudson

Unity – First Street, Turners Falls


Rad – Uxbridge Road, Mendon

Subliminal – Lake Street, Shrewsbury

True East – River Street, Millbury

Worcide – Washington Street, Worcester

Rad Websites

The Berrics

Free Skateboard Magazine




Thrasher Magazine

Transworld Skateboarding

About Me

Skinny J. was a nickname given to me by a bandmate in high school marching band. The name derives from a nerdcore / hip-hop group called 2 Skinnee J's. I haven't actually gone by this nickname in a long time. I first recognized skateboarding when I was in fourth grade, got very into it throughout my teenage years, improved somewhat after high school, but gradually gave it up throughout my 20s. After years of inactivity later, and now into my 30s, I've decided to get mobile once again and bought a new complete skateboard.

I'm regular-footed and don't push mongo. I can ollie, half-cab, manual, shove-it, and boardslide, but I'm still working on my kickflips. My dream is to skate bowl, but dropping in is a fear of mine. I'd also like to learn more grinds and slides on a flat rail, and relearn how to enjoy myself. Nothing too crazy. Maybe I'll even cross paths with high school friends and acquaintances who could also still be skateboarding.

Without further ado, welcome to my online journal about reminiscing and looking forward. You may ask, "Can he skate?" Well, we shall see... Enjoi!

Journal Entries

Ready For Spring. New Skatepark?
February 17, 2020

Here I am, at it again. 2018 was the year I wanted to get back into skateboarding. Bought a new complete and only pushed around for a few days that summer. Finally visited the skatepark at Green Hill Park in Worcester. Last year, didn't do jack shit but watch the Tampa Pro livestream. This summer will be different. I need to go outdoors more often and get some exercise, so what better way than (again) reintroducing myself to one of my favorite teenage activities?

I made a list of skateparks I want to visit this year. Only a few of these parks are within a 30-minute drive. Most of these parks are on the other side of Interstate 495, but I'll eventually get my ass over there. Framingham opened their new skatepark a couple summers ago, and Hyde Park finished renovating theirs just a few months ago. There are a couple more skateparks way out on Interstate 91, but perhaps I'll check them out too. I'd like to take pictures of all the open places and share my observations.

Worcester is still working on the groundwork of a new skatepark since demolishing Worcide – a DIY spot under a railroad bridge. The Burnside of Worcester, so to speak. Two weeks ago, three concepts were to be shared and details finalized by Pillar Design Studios, but abutters of Crompton Park also had their say at the public meeting. I can't find any further details. Either the city will get the surveyors out and break ground, or plans will be to find a new location. Fingers crossed on the former!