Skinny J. Can Skate

Relearning How To Skateboard After 30

My Current Setup

Deck:Real Ishod Wair x Dessie Jackson 8.5"
Trucks:Independent Silver Stage 11 149
Wheels:Spitfire Formula Four Classic 54mm 99du
Bearings:Bones Reds

Skateparks + Shops of Massachusetts

About Me

Skinny J. was a nickname given to me by a bandmate in high school marching band. The name derives from a nerdcore / hip-hop group called 2 Skinnee J's. I first recognized skateboarding when I was about 12 years old, got very into it throughout my teenage years, improved somewhat after high school, but gradually gave it up throughout my 20s. After years of inactivity later, and now into my 30s, I've decided to get mobile once again and bought a new complete skateboard.

I'm regular-footed and don't push mongo. I can ollie, halfcab, manual, pop shove-it, and boardslide, but I still can't land a kickflip. My dream is learn bowl skating, but dropping in has always been a fear of mine. I'd also like to learn more grinds and slides on a flat rail, how to 180 no comply, and just relearn how to overall enjoy myself. Nothing too crazy. Maybe I'll even cross paths with old friends and former classmates who could be still skateboarding today.

Journal Entries

New Worcester Skatepark — Approved!!

January 24, 2021

Last week, the Parks & Recreation Commission of Worcester have unanimously approved the plan for a skatepark to be built at Crompton Park. Construction should begin this summer with a scheduled opening of Spring 2022. I'm mostly excited for the flat bar and snake run. Watch the video below for a 3D rendered flyby of the concept design and consider me stoked!