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fun facts

watch one wiggle

source: tardigrades.bio.unc.edu

source material

Live Science: Facts About Tardigrades

Microbial Life Educational Resources: Tarigrades (Water Bears)

micro quiz

at what extreme temperatures can a tardigrade survive?

freezing and boiling points only down to -274°C and up to 200 °C anywhere between -200°C and 151 °C they cannot survive extreme temperatues

how many legs does a tardigrade have?

four six two eight

how many species of tardigrades have been discovered?

exactly 10 over 1,000 approximately 12,000 just under 800

what is the latin translation of tardigrade?

slow step quick step backward motion forward motion

a tardigrades diet may consist which of the following?

plant liquids 1/3 bacteria 1/3 each other 1/3 all of the above

bonus content

i just wanted to embed this Tweet from molecular biologist Tessa Montague. shared with us is a video she's captured of a tardigrade dropping a deuce! honestly, look at the size of that thing!

Tardigrades are extraordinary. They can survive -270 to +150 degrees celsius, ionizing radiation 100x higher than the lethal dose for humans and the vacuum of outer space.

They also do huge poos. When nature calls...! #turdigrade #embryo2017 #tardigrade @MBLScience @zeiss_micro pic.twitter.com/O2p4frjO0E

— Tessa Montague (@TessaMontague) May 17, 2018

so long, little one!